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From Founder's Message

Mr.K V Kumaraswamy is an entrepreneur and founder of Sri Ragam Brickss. He is been in the market and successfully running the firm by adapting market trends for three decades.

Who we are?

Sri Ragam Brickss is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials in Coimbatore. We are expertise in this field for 30+ years by maintaining our brand image with certain standards. Through regular R & D, we are the superior in the market who produce higher quality, tougher compressive strength, and lowest thermal insulated bricks.

Fired bricks or Wire Cut Bricks in current terms are one of the longest-lasting and strongest building materials, sometimes referred to as artificial stone, and have been used since circa 4000 BC. Air-dried bricks, also known as mudbricks, have a history older than fired bricks, and have an additional ingredient of a mechanical binder such as straw, limestone, gaumatha urine, dung and slurry, red mud, eggwhite, haritaki powder, etc to withstand from the harsh climatic constion.

Our Purpose

Sri Ragam Brickss is to preserve the traditional building materials infused with scientific standards for making greater infrastructure and a greener environment in India.

Our Vision

                        By 2025, we will be;

1. Acquired 20% of market share

2. Leading Supplier of 400+ projects cum happy clients growth per annum in the city,

3. Solutions through any of our diversified upcoming products as porotherm bricks, Flyash Bricks, Solid Blocks, CLC Blocks, for both load bearing and framed/structured walls.

Our Mission

By connecting top Engineers and Builders, Masons and Retailers in the city by providing the best products and services.

Core Values

Sri Ragam Brickss – Wirecut for Perfection and Extruded Toughly for Stability







Sri Ragam Brickss ensure no chemical composition in the product like red oxide for color and cement for toughness enrichment. Selectively made from the best mud for color and toughness.

Sri Ragam Brickss are wirecut clay bricks that has zero damages on wet bricks. Wirecut technology is been used for brick size perfections ans sri ragam brickss ensures every single brick size of 9*4*3 inches. The broken corners may arise due to the transport and still we are loading and unloading the bricks by manheld operations. But still, sri ragam brickss ensures less than 1% by mass breakage. We also have planned to invest on crane technology to load and unload the brickss.

Sri Ragam Brickss make sure the transport tariff less than the market or “Association of Lorry Owners in Tamilnadu”. This is possible just because of our owned vehicles. We have dedicated trucks for upcountry market like Pollachi, Tiruppur, Ooty , this makes us to stand in market by without skipping any single orders at the demand trend and stress free for customers to expect the service on time..

Sri Ragam Brickss are been in continous R&D for quality standards. The Test Certficate for the higher compressive strength and lower water absorption. The Test Certificate number has mentioned in the “HOME” page. The laboratory belongs to govt of tamilnadu, coimbatore region.

Sri Ragam Brickss are chamber bricks which is of 16 chambers and capacity of 288 loads per month . One load consists of 3000 nos of bricks.


Sf No: 572, Chinnathadagam,  Aanaikatty Main Road, Coimbatore 641108

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