Sri Ragam Brickss - WireCut Bricks

Sri Ragam Brickss - Wirecut Bricks [ Extruded Toughly for Higher Compressive Strength and Perfect Shape ]. Standard Size 9" 4" 3". Sri Ragam Brickss are more thermal efficient, self regulate keeping internal space naturally cool in summer and warmer during winter.

Sri Ragam Brickss - OverBurnt Bricks

Over burnt bricks has unique character to showcase your wall as english bond. Use of broken over burnt bricks as coarse aggregate for structural concrete is also recommended.

Sri Ragam Brickss - Surkhi

In southern India, the surkhi is mainly used for waterproofing the roof and it also acts as a great thermal insualtion for the house to reduce the climate. Surkhi mortar is a mixture of lime,surkhi and water. It is the li
me mortar in which sand has been substituted by surkhi for economy and strength. Surkhi is one of the main components for wall plaster with lime powder in ancient india.


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